The Campaign

Cities and regions are leading the way towards global sus- tainable development! How? Thanks to their international cooperation projects with cities and regions across the planet and their day-to-day solution-oriented manage- ment of the challenges related to sustainability.

The European Days of Local Solidarity (EDLS) call European cities and regions to raise their citizens’ awareness on the challenges of global sustainable development and on the need to take action.

Don’t miss the next edition, taking place from 15 to 30 November 2023 across Europe.

Key messages

  • European cities and regions strengthen citizens’ knowledge on global sustainable development issues.

  • European cities and regions support and promote development education and active citizenship initiatives with great local impact.

  • European cities and regions promote political engagement at the national, European and global scale in favour of sustainable development.

Join us!

  1. Plan your EDLS activity between 15 and 30 November 2023

    An EDLS activity is:

    • (Co-)organised by a European town or region, or by an association of local and regional governments
    • An opportunity for citizens, local or regional elected or officials, CSOs and other local players to learn, exchange, discuss and celebrate
    • Focused on European cities and regions’ contribution to global sustainable development, with particular attention to their international cooperation and city-to-city partnerships
  2. Use the EDLS campaign toolkit!

    Use the EDLS campaign toolkit or add the EDLS logo to your own material to boost your initiative and strengthen its key messages. It will also be promoted through the EDLS website ( and the Twitter campaign (#localsolidaritydays).

  3. Read and sign the EDLS Charter

    Ask your local or regional elected representatives to support the campaign by committing to the EDLS values and principles. Read and sign the EDLS Charter.


Download the guidelines and discover how to join the EDLS 2023!


The European Days of Local Solidarity were launched in 2016 and are coordinated by PLATFORMA, with the financial support of the European Union. Created in 2008, PLATFORMA is the pan-European coalition of local and regional governments and their associations active in town-to-town and region-to-region development cooperation, known as “decentralised cooperation”. It gathers 29 partners. All are key players of international cooperation for sustainable development. To know more about the network’s mission and membership, take a look at

The EDLS are driven by the commitment of European cities, regions and associations of local and regional governments. Beyond promoting initiatives across Europe, the campaign has been an opportunity for learning and exchanging for cities and region’s officials and elected representatives in the fields of awareness raising, development education and international action of local and regional governments.