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Storytelling: Mommy! What have they done to Earth?

Thursday 30 November 2023
Ă€ngel GuimerĂ  library - Carrer de Pere Aldavert, 4, 08230 Matadepera, Barcelona
by Barcelona Provincial Council / Network of Libraries (co-organisation)

“Show that it sings and tells two stories linked to the right to an adequate environment. The first story talks about coltan, new technologies, and how this impacts the lives of families in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. The second story is about water, through the coexistence and play of two children: a girl from Sitges and a boy from the Sahara. The show can be developed by the artists and animators: Marta Gorchs, Jordi Tonietti, Rah-mon Roma, and Carles Cuberes.”