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Photographic exhibition “Refugees and Ukraine. Conflict and racism from the eye of a freelance journalist”

From Wednesday 15 November to Thursday 30 November 2023
Dalt de la Vila Social Center, PSant Adrià de Besòs, Barcelona, Spain
COMSOC City Council of Sant Adrià del Besòs

The photographs are by freelance photojournalists David Melero, Marc Sanye, Alfons Cabrera, Lorena Sopena and Pau de la Calle. And they aim to show the difficult day-to-day life of people who have to live a war and achieve what the media and governments around the world do not always do: put a face to the numbers of the war.

The exhibition will also feature photographs from other areas in conflict or hosting refugees, such as Lesbos or Libya, to provoke reflection on the difference in media treatment between the conflict in Ukraine and other conflicts and remember that the problem of refugees is not recent, since before the Ukrainians there have been many others.