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Exhibition “Calella is solidary”

Sunday 24 November 2019
Organized by Municipality of Calella and the local board of solidarity (formed by NGOs and municipal entities that work for solidarity and cooperation)

Exhibition from 9th to 24th November about all cooperation projects which receive economic support from the City Council of Calella. The exhibition is complemented by an artistic project carried out with waste materials in order to unite the entire space and promote art through the reuse of objects. Additionally, in order to give a more modern, interactive and attractive look for younger audiences, through QR codes direct to web links of the different NGOs that carry out the projects, where you can expand the information on each one. Exhibition is addressed to all citizens of Calella.
Around this exhibition, there are scheduled different workshops for secondary school students of the high schools of Calella. In the workshops, 2 members of the local board of solidarity will start a work around a set of questions about some cooperation topic, and will count on the presence of a refugee or immigrant person to explain his/her experience.

@Exhibition hall of the city council of Calella. Workshops will be held at the high schools of Calella

Elected representatives participating in this activity

Representatives of Solidarity and Cooperation area of the city council of Calella

Local partners

Local board of solidarity, Escola Pia, Escola Freta and IES Bisbe Sivilla, Fundació 3er Món Mataról

For more information

Contact Olivia Paton Santiago / 0034 934049441